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Starting on the Bathroom

Even though some things are not finished that we've been working on in the house, we decided to start on the bathroom because it was driving us NUTS. When we bought the house, the bathroom did not look bad. The toilet and sink were turquoise, so we replaced those. They were actually kind of cool, but the sink was really short and the toilet was huge and ran water too long when it was flushed. The tub is still turquoise. But the day we signed on the house, I started tearing down wallpaper because I knew we'd be re-doing all of it at some point and I was trying to help. Well...come to find out, there was no sheet rock under the wallpaper and I just kept tearing it off until most of it was gone. The tile floor is stained from sawdust from the sanding of the wood floors in the house. All of that was 10 months ago! So we've lived with a pretty ugly bathroom that just looks and feels dirty all of the time, even when it's not.

I had big plans for this bathroom. Big plans that involved a claw-foot tub. We got an old tub that's in great condition for $75 at an antique store. But recently, Randy and I have talked, and we've decided that this most likely will not be our "forever" home (though we LOVE it) for a few reasons that I'll probably share down the road, so we don't want to put the tub in a house that we'll eventually sell. Sniff, sniff. :( Now the plans are to paint the existing tub white. The bathroom is completely torn up and the only thing stopping progress right now is a plumbing issue. The old toilet had a huge tank, so now the new one sits away from the wall. It's going to have to be moved, but the old pipes under the house are fragile. We've got to figure out the most inexpensive way to go about this. Anyhoo, we have a plumber coming on Friday to fix a small leak from the bathroom pipes, so we're going to question him about it all.

Just thought I'd share some before pictures of the bathroom and share how it looks right now. Scary. Excuse the poor picture quality...

This was basically it when we moved in. Minus the wall by the door where I'd already pulled paper off before taking a picture.

See how short the sink was? I think if I were going for a retro look, these fixtures could have been nice.

This is the old heater. Randy didn't know I actually liked this and he tore it out. I think it could have been painted and gone with the "vintage" feel. But he is building a cabinet into the wall using this space, so I'm good with that. We definitely could use more storage space.

Here's how it looks today.

Doesn't it just make you want to take a nice, long relaxing bath? The shower curtain is expecting a flood. ha!

This is where the heater was. Hubby already has part of the cabinet in. He even put bead board in the back of it to jazz it up. :)

I know I sound like a big complainer, but it really hasn't been too bad. I'm just ready for it to be pretty!
Til the next time,

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