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Do You Remember?

I am taking an online four week course called "Creatively Made" by Jeanne Oliver, who is an artist specializing in mixed media art. I follow her blog and read about the e-course and on a whim, decided to take it. I've been interested for a while now in mixed media art so I figured I could learn something! She is sharing her gifts with a lot of women who want to learn about art or improve on the things they already know. While teaching, she is focusing on how we are all made by God for a purpose, and each of us has gifts to develop and share, thus being "creatively made". So far, the videos have been heartfelt and informative. In one video, she asks the question: "Do you remember?" She wants to know if I remember the dreams I had as a little girl about who I wanted to be and the dreams I held onto growing up. I started thinking about this and some of it made me really contemplate who I am and the dreams I still have. And some things made me laugh. I don't share a whole lot of really "personal" things here, but trying to do better. I SO enjoy the blogs where I feel like I really get to know the person behind the screen. And none of this is meant to boast on myself...I'm just sharing who I am for those who don't know.

1. WHAT I wanted to be when I "grew up":
     A Mother
     Still striving for this one. Hopefully, it's getting very close.

     A Wife
     This dream came true and I have the BEST husband on earth!

     A Singer and Choir Director
     This came true. Maybe not in the sense I thought about back then, but it's true, nonetheless. For those who don't know me, I've been singing since the age of 3 and have traveled many places singing gospel music and I recorded a project when I was 21. I'm now the music director at the church I grew up in! It's amazing the places God leads us. Here's half the choir with me directing at our Christmas concert a few weeks ago....

      A Teacher
      Ha ha ha! NO thanks. :) (although I guess I do teach a choir...hmm...) And every now and then I teach a class at church... Anyway, hooray for teachers out there who have the courage and the patience to teach children. I tried it and it didn't last long...Thankful for the special ones out there who are dedicated to the children in schools...

      An Orthodontist
      Ewww. No way. No how. What was I thinking???!!

      An Interior Decorator
      I think I still have this dream deep down. And I'm finally getting to do a little of it for myself in our little cottage home.

       A Writer
       Big secret here....I used to write stories and hide them in various places so no one would find them and make fun of me. :) My uncle saw me throw one away once and dug it out of the trash. He told me that I should NEVER throw things away that I had written. That all of it was important. Who knows if I'll ever write anything anyone really wants to read, but maybe this blog is my outlet for that.

2. WHO I wanted to be....
       My Sister (or "Stister" as I called her because I had a lisp) :)
       Seriously, I think I drove her nuts. Lori is 8 years older than me and I wanted to do everything she did and wear the clothes she wore and do my hair like hers. I wanted to listen to music with her and sit on her bed when she talked to boys! ha! Looking back, I guess she was pretty tolerable of a pesky little sister, but I didn't think so then. I guess I am a little like her, too. We are both "artsy". She's an avid scrapbooker and whatever else Her Craftiniess wants to be. She also sings...
Here we are when we were little. I wish I had a copy of a picture that shows us dressed nearly identical after I was about 7 years old...

Here I am with the gift she made me in November for my 35th birthday. It's a phone pic, so sorry for the quality. I wish you could see the top picture on it up close. It's the one where we are dressed nearly identical. If I wasn't being lazy, I could get up and take a picture of it and download it to the computer, but I stole this from FB. :)

        Audrey Hepburn
        Elegance, class and style. I wanted her clothes (I still do)...and I wanted her accent (I may or may not STILL want the accent)!

        Karen Carpenter
        Ha! This makes me laugh, but you don't know the hours I sat and tried to mimic her voice. I think I still know most of the words to most of her songs and even had one of her songs in my wedding.

        Mariah Carey
        Ok, what girl didn't try to learn every run she did?? And btw...her latest Christmas cd is incredible.

        Celine Dion
        Not much to say here....she's one of the best.

        Candy Hemphill (Christmas)
        My siblings and I grew up on Southern Gospel music. She was one of the popular ones when I was little. I can still here her singing "Consider the Lilies"....

     3. WHO I was....

          I was a crafter and a dreamer. I used to make "scrapbooks" before it was the "in" thing. I remember getting binders and pasting pictures of my friends in them and cutting out words from magazines to place all over the pages. I dreamt big things for my life, and I suppose "big" things have happened like they do to most people. Mine didn't come about the way I thought they would, but what's the fun in that? I just hope that I never stop being that crafter who wants to make things because it makes me happy and inspires me to do more, or that dreamer who dreams to make things happen.

Well, if you're still reading, thanks. Just sharing a little of what's on my mind. Hopefully, I'll get completely over this stupid bug and be able to work on my first Jeanne Oliver assignment from the e-course. I'll be sharing it here. :)
Til the next time,

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