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Our Christmas House (Warning: LOTS of Pictures!)

Hello, blogworld! It's been a while! The last month has pretty much just been a blur in my mind. Thanksgiving, Christmas concert, parties, birthdays, working on the house, a rushed trip to NYC, then Christmas (plus I got sick in there, too)! So, the blog was pushed to the back burner, which really makes me unhappy because I love my blog and want to be consistent with it. So, here I am, LATE...posting pictures of our home decorated for Christmas. I wanted to link up to all the virtual Christmas tours that I got a small glimpse of in my free minutes, but alas, here I am. Maybe you'd like to take a look anyway. :)

I'll start in the kitchen....

A few years ago, a friend of mine started a progressive dinner party and we have continued to do it every year. It's not "my" party, but I was asked to host dessert this year so you'll get to see it with all the yummy desserts.

I did a "marshamallow" theme. We had lots of marshmallows! Does anyone else know the song "Marshmallow World in the Winter"? I love the song...it's just a cute, fun song that I remember from my childhood. Everyone has asked me about it, so I'm thinking not too many people know the song.

My friend, Ashley, helped me host (along with my hubby). You can see the STILL unfinished kitchen in the background. But it's almost there!

I made some marshmallow pops. Here's the hubby torching them so they'd be nice and warm and gooey.

The finished product. Some were S'mores and some were chocolate peppermint.

Ashley made these yummy gingerbread/chocolate/coffee cupcakes.

We had flavored marshmallows for the homemade hot chocolate (peppermint, vanilla or gingerbread) and red hots for the cider.

I love this artwork I bought on Etsy from Cafe Cartolina.

Moving on to the dining room...

I borrowed my mom's old Christmas piano books for a thing at church I needed them for last year. I ran across them a few weeks ago...in a pile of books I had forgotten about. She told me to keep them until after Christmas. I think they looked perfect on my old piano! I'll have to find my own for next year!

I bought these vintage looking plates last year at Pottery Barn. We got a giftcard as a wedding gift from our friend, Joseph. I LOVE these plates so I'm going to make you suffer through pictures of a few of them! :)

The last stop will be the living room....

We decided to go with a live tree this year. It was BEAUTIFUL. It's now a bit droopy...Check out the pretty tree skirt my best friend, Priscilla made for me as a late birthday gift. It's not quite finished, but she wanted me to have it for a little while this Christmas. The funny thing is that she didn't know I wanted one of these. As always, I had seen one on my favorite blog - Miss Mustard Seed. She saw it on Pinterest and decided it would go well with my decor so she decided to make me one.

Here's one I took where I forgot to light the candles on the red pillars, but I like the tree in it.

Set up on the coffee table. I like the fun pillow in the background that I found at Target.

Here's a glimpse of the entertainment armoire that I have painted, but not finished yet.

My handmade stockings. I couldn't find any I liked that weren't under $100 a piece. My sister in law's mom is starting a sewing business, so I asked her to make me some. More on her later. :)

The candles are lit!

Pretty reindeer.

And here's the tree again...this time with gifts. We didn't put one thing under the tree til Christmas Eve.

Pretty presents in wrapped in vintage looking paper.

This is the Lenox ornament my Aunt Linda bought for us last year since it was our first Christmas as husband and wife.

This is the ornament we bought just last week in Central Park.

And last, this is the Lenox ornament we found at TJMaxx for half price. It celebrates the first Christmas in a new home. I think we may be starting something with these Lenox ornaments....They're so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by! OH-and if I can get the hubby to fix the strand of lights that's out on one of our trees, I will get a shot of the outside of the house and post it. Hmm...

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