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Just Stuff

First, I want to say a big thanks to those who bought crafts from me for the Poured Out fundraiser I was involved with for my church. We turned in our money last night and the offering ended up being over $10,000 from everyone! I still have some items in my Etsy shop that will remain there until sold. I'm hoping to keep adding to it so I can keep the shop going.

Last week I mentioned to y'all that Sunday was my 35th birthday! It kind of lasted all week (those bday's are the best!), because I started celebrating last Monday when my in-laws took me to dinner. I celebrated with my hubby on Saturday. We went to Ft Worth so I could make a stop at Antrhopologie and then we did some car shopping. I came home with a new ride...that in itself made for a pretty incredible birthday!! Then, I celebrated with family on Saturday night. My mom made dinner for everyone and at my request, made me a chocolate sheath cake. I'm not much for cake, but this one really "takes the cake". har har. ok. Seriously, my mom's is the best. On Sunday night after church, my best friend, Priscilla made dinner for Randy and I and a few friends. I wish I had some pictures...but n.o.n.e. I forgot my camera! I think my sister and dad took some that maybe they can pass along to me. Anyway, it was a good birthday. I am thankful to be alive another year! And I still feel like a kid on the inside. :)

On Tuesday of this week, Kaspri Photography took a few pictures of my brother and sister-in-law and the little one out at my parents house. It was a gorgeous fall day! Miles didn't feel like cooperating much, so we didn't get a whole lot of pictures. He determined when the shoot was over! Our Kaspri blog is a little broken at the moment, so I'm going to share a few pics in this post.

Can't resist this little face!

Well, next post will be back to stuff on the house. Happy Thursday!

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