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Things I Love about Fall

What a beautiful morning it is! It's cool and rainy - my kind of weather! I know we most likely still have many extremely warm days left in our forecast here in my neck of the woods (or plains, rather), but the temps have cooled a bit and the mornings are beautiful (and thank God for all the rain we got last week)! It sure gets me in the mood for full-fledged fall! I do believe it is my favorite time of year...or is it winter? :)

I love a great cup of hot chocolate (which I believe in drinking all year, but it just seems more proper in cooler weather). ;)  Doesn't this photo make it look heavenly?


I love the "seasonal" food fall brings. And I wonder we don't eat these foods year 'round?

These caramel pumpkin mini-cheesecakes look A.MA.ZING.


Or how about this sticky toffee pudding? I've made this a few times from a Martha Stewart recipe and it should be a sin to eat such goodness.

I love the fact that fall brings the official start of wearing boots. I'm pretty sure I won't be sporting these babies, though. These Christian Louboutins are a measly $1300.00!

I love that fall brings sweater weather!

I love a good scarf around the neck! Of course, there are summer scarves, too..., but I like the chunky winter ones best!

Maybe not THIS chunky! ;)


I love that it's fireplace weather! And so glad we have one this year to snuggle in front of.
It needs some "fall sprucing" though...

And since this post is getting lengthy, I'll leave you with the fact that I love that fall brings the anticipation of the Holidays. Christmas is my favorite of all!

Love this vintage look...

Love this look as well...


Well, that's enough for today! Hopefully, you're now in the mood for fall...or at least for baking, shopping or decorating!

Til the next time,


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