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My Take on the Coffee Filter Wreath

I first saw this cute little wreath on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make one for myself. This one was made by Lucy over at Craftberry Bush. Isn't it sweet?

So, the craftbug hit me this week and I decided a wreath like this would be perfect for our front door. I made a bigger one than Lucy did, so it wouldn't be swallowed by the door.

First, I bought some plain white coffee filters and used about 150. I dyed them in coffee.

Next, I wrung them out and placed them in the oven (heated to 200 degrees). I just laid them flat and they dried in about 2 minutes.

I twisted a couple together to make little "flowers".

Then I started putting them on the wreath form. I just used straight pins...

After they were all pinned in place, I added some fall decor: pumpkins and feathers! I love how it turned out. It's so nice to have something pretty on the front of our house, because let me tell you...our yard is AWFUL. My husband's son dug up all the shrubs for us right after we moved in. We intended on new landscaping, but then got hit with the worst drought Texas has seen in 50 years or more. UGH! I probably won't get landscaping until next spring because nothing would survive right now! Anyway, here's my wreath...I took this picture before moving her to her home. :)

Making the house look pretty:

This was fun and relatively easy...just time consuming. I'm planning to make another one for Christmas. Maybe I'll even make a couple of small ones to put in my Etsy shop (my Etsy shop that has had nothing in it for two years!).

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I hope everyone has a happy week-end...It's almost here!

Til the next time,

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