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My New Bamboo Rug

I figured it's way past time for me to show you what's going on around the house. We've really gotten a little behind on some things, but there's no real deadline, so who cares, right? :)
The kitchen is coming along, but I'm not going to show you pictures of that until we at LEAST have the cabinets completely finished. Yes, we are STILL waiting on Lowe's...sigh...But I AM getting to cook now, as you read earlier, so that's good.
Ok, so on to my point of this post. About three months ago, I ran across a blog that has hands down become one of my favorites. I look at this blog nearly every day. Anyway, Miss Mustard Seed inspired my search for a rug I just got last week. You can see hers here. I saw it and knew I had to find it, but being the wierd, kind of shy-til-I-get-to-know-you type, I didn't want to ask where she got it. So I searched the web for two days before I found it. And then I waited until two weeks ago to order it! And now it's on my floor under my dining table and I.Love.It. Miss Mustard Seed's "pops" a little more than mine does since she has darker floors, and her dining room is "finished" unlike mine, but I don't care. I still think it looks great and Randy likes it, too. I've gotten several compliments on it, so I guess we're ok. The only downside is that Mr Miles seems to think the grooves on the rug are for squishing his goldfish in. :)

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