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Chocolate Pie, the Oil Patch and a Birthday Wish

Hello, friends! First, let me say a big thanks to all of the input I received about painting the piano. I really do consider the things you all tell me. Just to prove that, if you read this post, at the very end I talked about wanting to paint the fireplace and get rid of the turquoise tile. Several of you encouraged me to leave it....and after several weeks of living with it with our decor, I've decided I actually LIKE it! Randy is so glad...ha! We just need to clean up the tile really well and it'll be good.

Also, I will tell you all that I did recieve an email from the daughter of the previous owner (she grew up in this house and I learned that her wedding reception was in this house!). She does follow the blog and loves being able to keep a connection to her childhood home. So, I love the fact that many of you commented on the blog this time instead of FB. Also, it keeps a sort of online diary....anytime I want to go back and see what everyone said, it's right here. It would take hours to go back and find the posts and comments on FB. It's so neat that blogs can be made into books. Maybe someday, I'll do that and all of your sweet comments will be there! :)

On to my subject for this post....

I love love love to bake, and last night I made two chocolate pies. One for my cousin, Dwayne and one for me Randy and myself. Chocolate pie is my all-time favorite. My Aunt Linda and Aunt Peggy Jean make a pretty mean one and so does my mom. Christmas is a time for begging for my own chocolate pie from someone....anyone. :)

For those who don't know, I work part time for an oil company that my Aunt Linda owns and she is drilling a new well this week. My cousin Dwayne, is the supervisor in the field and he works super hard and literally stays up 24/7 when we're drilling a new well. Since Randy and I benefit from his hard work,  I decided to make him a chocolate pie since he loves sweets as much as I do. I got three recipes from my mom and the one I chose to make turned out SO good. The crust tastes like shortbread cookies and is so thick. MMMM-MMMM! This is a recipe from a little bitty restaurant that closed it's doors a few years ago. I used to order the chocolate pie everytime I ate there! The owner gave the recipe to my mom...I'll have to see if it's "legal", but maybe I can post the recipe here for you! :) Anyway, I took the pie out to the "oil patch" today and hopefully, with all the men out there, Dwayne will still get his piece. On a humorous note, I rode with my aunt and she got lost on her own lease. We were wondering around on dirt paths out in the mesquites. Fun times! :)

Don't you want a piece???

The oil rig.

Here's a picture from last summer of my hubby and cousin Dwayne. They were in deep convo about something...ha!

Here's a picture of my "boss" with my nephew Ethan at my wedding. My Uncle Don is in the background. They stood in as grandparents because all of my grandparents are deceased.

Last, but not least...I want to wish my mom a happy 66th birthday! I don't think she'd mind me telling her age...you surely wouldn't know it by looking at her!

Til the next time,

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