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Antique Piano Stool and A Question

My Aunt Linda just gave me an antique piano stool that she's had for a long time because the piano I bought from Craigslist didn't come with one. I had seen this at her house many times, but never really thought about what it was because they used it on a screened in porch as a little table. She just moved into a new (beautiful) house and was cleaning out a lot of things and said I could have this. It's really a cool piece of furniture.

The seat swivels up and down. I'm quite likely to fall off of this while playing. :)

I love the claw feet. Almost makes me want to use it as a table next to the claw foot tub we're putting in the bathroom. It would make a nice place for a basket of bath supplies.

Most of my comments on this blog come through Facebook. So, if you read this blog and never see comments, it's because they're all on the links I post to FB. It's really easy to get a username and comment on blogs...I'm hoping that the family we bought our house from still reads my blog and I would love for them to see all of your wonderful comments and opinions. (HINT HINT) :)
Anyway, some of you commented on my link about the piano that you think I should leave it the way it is instead of painting it. Sooo, I HAVE considered leaving it. However, it's so dull and seems a bit lifeless, so it needs SOMETHING. The hubby says the only thing would be to sand it and refinish it if I don't paint it. SO here's the question. What do you think of me painting it after you see the following pics? I'm not sure what color I want, but you can at least see what I had in mind. And if I mess it up, there's always the option of sanding and refinishing. :)

This is the first piano that inspired me a few months ago. I just think it's cool and it happens to be my fav color.

I love this, but think red might be a bit much, especially since I'm going to have a lot of red throughout the house.

This one is cheery.

The next two, my sister, Lori shared with me on Pinterest. I love both of them. And I've already got both of these colors in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (which is great, btw).

This one is classy.
LOVE this shade of blue!
SO, what do you think? Ultimately, I'll do what I want, but I do value your opinions! ha!!

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