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Wow, this week has been a busy one...I haven't had a chance to update the blog. We've done a few things around the house that I haven't posted yet.

When we bought the house, we tore out a wall between the dining room and the hallway, opening the space up quite a bit. This was actually our friend, Joseph's idea (thanks, Joseph!). The wall originally just had a door connecting the areas. About three weeks ago, we bought some posts to decorate the space where the wall was, and Randy is going to build an arch connecting the posts to match the other archways in the house. We've not gotten too far with it yet, but thought I'd share anyway.

I'm mad at myself because of all the pictures I took before we started this whole project, I didn't get one facing the wall we knocked out. But you can see it here in this picture. This is taken from the living room. You can see half the dining room and that wall to the right. If you've looked at previous posts, you can see here that we also blocked a doorway in the living room leading to the front bedroom, and took the door out and widened the doorway leading into the hallway. I haven't looked at these "before" pics in a while and I'm in shock at how different it all looks (and it's not done yet)!

Here it is during the "demolition"! YIKES!!!

And here it is now! (Minus the dining table - We sold it last week after I blogged about it!)

I don't think I'll know how to live when we don't have all of the "junk" sitting around! Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed that you can see into the bathroom from the dining room, but we are planning to add a staircase right there in the hallway that will lead to the attic, which will then add more living space as part of the house. The stairs will give the bathroom privacy again. In case you are wondering.... :)

Ok, it's late and this has been a long day. But hopefully I'll get to sleep in since I don't work on Friday's. Yay for me. :)

'Til the next time,

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