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Holiday Weekend (Warning! This is a LONG post!)

The July 4th long weekend was definitely a busy one! Randy and I left last Thursday headed for Canton, Texas. It's a little drive...about 3.5 hours for us. We stayed in a lovely bed and breakfast (a first for both of us) called Munzesheimer Manor. It was actually in Mineola, Tx. The old house was beautiful and the owners (Bob & Sherry Murray) were fantastic. They were so friendly...they chatted with us both mornings we were there over an incredibly delicious gourmet breakfast. We left a day early and stayed a night in Las Colinas, Tx at the Omni Mandalay.

I forgot to take a pic of the outside of the house, so this is from the web.

This was the cute little tub that was in our bathroom.

Check out the sink...It looks just like the one in our house except ours is TURQUOISE. Yes. Turquoise. :)

Randy and Bob Murray.

We were looking to buy a few things for our house...mainly a dining table and chairs and an entertainment armoire. I wanted a specific look...I didn't care if it was used, antique or new as long as it fit my requirements! :)

Canton was really neat. For those who've never been, it's acres and acres of shops and flea markets. We'd planned to do the whole weekend, but after a whole day in the scorching 105 degree weather, we decided we'd had enough! And we hadn't found what we were looking for. But this is what I did get....

This was $2.50 in a flea market booth. My mom has a matching one that we've used at holidays for as long as I can remember. It just needs to be cleaned up. I saw another one at a different booth for $12.50.

I got this for $2.50 as well! I think it's pretty.

This one wasn't as cheap. :) I got it in an antique store...it goes with my green depression glass that you can read about here. I thought it would be a nice piece to add to the collection and will be great at Christmas for serving.

On Friday evening, we dropped in on some long-time friends, Keith and Carla Clark. We didn't realize at first that we were staying in the same town they live in! We started checking and realized they were right there. We had a nice visit with them and Saturday, after one more short stop at Canton, we headed back to the DFW metroplex.

By Sunday afternoon, I was WORN OUT. We'd done the malls and several furniture stores. I decided to look up furniture stores on my phone once more and found a place called Kiss It Goodbye in Grapevine. They handle very nice used or antique furniture on consignment. We decided it was our last stop because we were tired and ready to get home. And VOILA! We found our dining table and the armoire! The dining table is from the old Sanger Harris Department store (open during the 60's-80's)and still has the inventory tags on the bottom of the chairs/table. The armoire is by Riverside...never really heard of it, but looked it up and it's good furniture. We ended up spending $550.00 and that's it!! We were so excited. I told Randy this proves that I don't just look for the most expensive thing!! He had to agree. :)

Here's the armoire. It's not EXACTLY what I had in mind, but it will work and still has that "cottage" look. I'm thinking of painting it red and that's actually Randy's suggestion.

I LOVE this. I will be painting this ivory (it has a yellow tinge to it now with black specks) and will change the upholstery. It doesn't look bad though, til I get that all done.

We are happy with our new stuff even though I intend to paint it all... :) And now our old dining table is for sale. Give me a holla if you are interested. It's only been used a year.

Monday evening, Randy and I went to my parents for the 4th. We had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, lots of chip and dip, pie, cake, cobbler and homemade ice cream! YUMMO! The only downside was that there were no fireworks this year AT ALL due to the extremely dry weather we're having around here.

My handsome hubby and Mr Miles. He loves his Uncle Randy!

The official grillers. My Uncle Jimmy and my dad.

Festive cake my "new cousin", Ashley Cash made.

I also got crafty on Monday afternoon and decoupaged/painted these letters for my friend Ashley. She'd asked me to do them for her new baby's room. And I got finished just in time as he was born on Tuesday, July 5th.

I've had these sitting around for 3 weeks and couldn't get inspired. Good thing I suddenly got that way. Ashley did the nursery in sock monkey's, so I tried to go with a "vintage" look. If you can't tell, the "d" is sock monkey'd.

Mom and baby doing well.

Isn't he a precious chubster? He weighed more than 9lbs.

Whew! What a busy, but fun long weekend. Now I need a vacation! ;)

Til the next time,

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