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Pretty Glass

I've always liked my mom's old depression glass she keeps in the hutch. It never came out to be used. I believe it belonged to my great grandmother. Maybe because we weren't allowed to use it, it became something I loved. So, for my wedding, I searched and searched for pretty depression glass in antique stores. I found pink and amber colors, which matched my colors well. I used them on tables at the reception. Some were filled with tealight candles and some with fresh Hydrangeas. I also used some blue carnival glass (L.O.V.E).

I wish there had been more detailed pictures taken of the glass at the wedding since I'd spent so many hours searching for it all. But you get the idea here.

You can see the blue carnival glass pedestal bowl in the back of this picture. It was full of gold wrapped Hershey's chocolates.

In this one, you can see the blue butter dish (that I am currently wondering where it is because I can't find it!) with the bird sitting on it.

I took these close-ups today. I love love the pink and blue.

This gets me to the whole point of this post. One day last week, my mom told me a lady that works for them gave her a box of green depression glass that was hers to give to me! I love it! Now I've got to find a hutch of some sort to go in my dining room to keep all of this pretty glass (however, unlike my mom, I don't mind using it). Thank you, Sue Wyatt! She knows I like antiques and vintage things, and that I had depression glass at my reception. The picture just shows a little, but she gave me a set with 4 drinking glasses, 4 dessert bowls and a sugar and creamer set. How thoughtful is she?!

Til the next time....

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