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Pounds Family Pictures

A little over a week ago, we had a big "bash" for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. My sister-in-law, Kim (I have two sis-in-laws named Kimberly Dawn) :), really outdid herself decorating for a sit-down dinner where more than one hundred people were present. All the Pounds' brothers spoke and joked around about their great memories with their parents, and the grand-kids had the floor for a little bit, too. I haven't been in this family very long, but the love they all share is very evident. I'm lucky and blessed to be a part of them. And what an accomplishment now days to be married 50 years to the same person! They are a beautiful example for any couple! I am honored to have such wonderful in-laws.

Before the celebration, the whole family got together and Kaspri Photography took A LOT of pictures. This was the first time in a while that Ashley (my husband's daughter) had gotten to be with the whole family, so everyone wanted to get pics. Acutally, only half of Kaspri Photography took pictures...since the other half was IN the pictures. The half that is in the pictures got the tedious task of editing all the pictures. :) I got them all done this afternoon and thought I'd share some here.

Here's the honored couple.


The guys with their parents.

Handsome brothers....especially the one in glasses! woot-woot

The whole family....

All the grandkids with mammaw and paw-paw. These kids LOOOOOVE their grandparents!

Greg, Brandy and Bryson

Steven, Michelle, Jonathan and Ethan

Jeff, Kim, Leighton and Kensli

Randy, Yours Truly, Ashley and Andre (Can you tell I still had my sleepy morning face?????) UGH.

Crazy cousins....

All the sisters-in-law.


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