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Miles Moment

It's been a while since I've posted a "Miles Moment". I've had these pics for about a month now, but haven't gotten around to posting them. These were taken just before we moved from our old house, so it got really busy after that.

I left Miles for just a minute to do something in another room in the house, and look what he got into! I had put one blanket in the floor for him to nap on (no such luck...), and he drug the other one out of its place. Somewhere he found a kleenex and was ripping it to shreds. All I could do was laugh. At least it was keeping him occupied....

Then a while later, I found him in the bathroom...into my facial cleansing stuff (which, btw, is newly Mary Kay. My sister sells it and I decided to try it and LOVE....). OH-and obviously he found a candle somewhere....

He certianly wore a "fitting" shirt that day. Leave him for a second you won't catch him before he's made a mess! But he sure is a cutie-patootie...Lookin' all innocent!

(Excuse the poor quality of this pic. He wouldn't be still!)


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