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Let There Be Light!

I have discovered that I am in love with chandeliers! All my life, all I remember having in the house in every room were ceiling fans. Ceiling fans aren't bad, but don't particularly go with the style I'm wanting to achieve in our home. And thanks to an extremely bad dry eye condition (thanks go to Lupus, RA and meds), Randy didn't object when I said I didn't want any ceiling fans (except one reserved for the front porch). We have purchased a few lights so far to replace some that weren't my favorites. I'll share the lights that have been hung so far.

This one is my absolute favorite of all the lights we've purchased so far. We put this one in our bedroom. I got it half off at The Feathered Nest at their mall location the last day they were in business! It looks great with our bedroom decor. I'll wait to show a picture of the entire room until the room is finished.

This is what we replaced. I'm actually going to keep this one...I think it might have potential. I may save it for our extra room nursery! I think it could be cleaned up (it's got lots of wall texture on it from when my husband textured the walls), the glass changed and painted a cute color. We'll see....

The only other chandelier we hung last night was in the kitchen over the sink...well, the over the hole where the sink will be. That's a whole other story.....This one is nothing particularly special, but I think it's cute. And the pattern it makes on the wall when the light is on is so pretty. We got this one at Lowe's. It's just replacing a typical old, over-the-sink light fixture. Sorry for the poor quality picture. It was dark outside and I had no other light.

We started to hang a chandelier in the bathroom, but when we took it out of the box, I didn't really care for it (nothing measures up now that I've got the gorgeous one in the bedroom!). So, it's going back to the store and the hunt will begin for another one.

Moving on from chandeliers (although I guess this is considered a chandelier of sorts)....we hung this pretty light fixture in the hallway. It is replacing a bare bulb that had a few colored glass pendants hanging around it. It was interesting to say the least.

The last light I'll show you today is the pretty lamp I got yesterday from The Last Straw.
We still had a gift certificate from our wedding (thanks Danny and Ronda Kennedy!) that we had not spent and it expired this month. I had been waiting to buy something special for the new house. When I saw this lamp I had to have it. However, it didn't fit the table I'd planned to put it on, so it found a home on my dresser.

Isn't she pretty??!

I stuck these metal magnet flowers on the lamp on a whim because they lost their home when the stainless steel refrigerator moved in (magnets don't stick to stainless steel). Not sure if I like them here or not, but for now they'll stay. I got these from Mosely Trading Company.

This is the table (my nightstand) that I actually wanted the lamp for, but it was a bit too wide for it. I just stuck the picture frame and jar there...It doesn't really go, I just didn't want an empty table. Now to find something suitable for the table! I have to keep reminding myself it all takes time (and money)....I want everything to be finished NOW. OH-and by the way...there's the finished white-washed floors I was telling you about in a previous post. I LOVE!

That's all for now! Happy Wednesday!


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