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Hello and Goodbye.....

To the yellow living room!

Ok, so most of you are going to be rolling your eyes at this post, but I finally got my yellow living room (again), and then decided I didn't want it! I've now learned that it's not easy to find a shade of yellow that suits me. You can read here about the FIRST attempt. And might I add that about six years ago while I lived at home with my parents, I wanted my bathroom painted yellow. I picked a paint and my dad painted it. It was SOOO bright. I hated it. We went to the True Value store and bought a different shade. Luckily, I liked that shade. I don't think my dad would keep repainting as many times as my hubby does. ;) However, I painted the living room this last time. And I'll say I did a pretty good job!

The shade we had this go around was better than the first, and we lived with it for about three weeks. About a week ago, Randy and both decided it was too bright and we really just didn't like it. Randy was planning to put up some crown molding last week, so he just said we may as well paint it again before he did all that. SMILE.

I really like it now. We just went with a nice neutral light beig-y ivory color. We had already painted one of the bedrooms this color, so we knew we liked it. It's a shade lighter than the dining room and hallway. Randy got the crown molding put up (it's not finished), so the living room is finally coming together. But please ignore the decor...some things are just sitting where we could find a place because the house is in "remodel" mode.

You'll notice in the pictures that after much thought, we decided to go ahead and paint the trim white. Most of the house already had white trim, but the living room and dining room still had the original gumwood trim. It was beautiful, but just not "us". Believe me, we even felt guilty for painting it. We wanted to be "true to the integrity of the house", if that makes sense, but in the end deciced that it is our house and we want to be happy with it. My next thing is talking Randy into painting the fireplace. I don't like it now that we painted the trim white, but he does. And YES, the turquoise tile is GOING....What do you think?


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