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Ready or Not.....

....This is moving week! We have to be out of our lease house by Tuesday, the 31st. Our only pre-requisite for moving was to have our hardwood floors finished and after two weeks and HOURS of prepping (yes, I even helped with it!), the floors are done! We had hoped to have more painting finished, but at least the floors are done. The kitchen cabinets are halfway installed because the cabinet company did a couple of things wrong, and I have no sink yet, the bathroom is a mess and we still have a long road ahead, but I think we'll survive. I'm excited to be moving. We'll finally be in OUR house!

This is a shot of the master bedroom. When we pulled the carpet up, this is what we found. NOT good! It also looked like this in the middle bedroom and the hallway.

The living room, dining room and front bedroom looked so much better! It had older carpet than the other areas, and without a carpet pad.

Sorry it's blurry....this is a little bit of the floor in the master bedroom after it was sanded about 3 or 4 times. Randy did a good job!
Look how pretty! We were thinking of staining the floors dark, but couldn't do it after we saw how pretty they were naturally.
I got the bright idea on impulse the other night to white wash the master bedroom floor. I'll have to show you the finished product later tonight or tomorrow. I love it!

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