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Painting the Living Room

I wrote this post yesterday, only to find that Blogger was doing some maintenance and deleted it. SO, here I go again.

The house is coming along, but I haven't had a chance to blog about everything we've been doing. A couple of weeks ago, Randy and I headed to Lowe's to pick out paint. Originally, I had my heart set on a yellow living room. That's what I have now in our lease house, and I love it with my furniture. While looking at swatches and pictures in brochures, we saw a pretty color called Crunch Granola. NOT YELLOW. It's a caramel-ly brown color...We decided to go with that.

After it was painted, I liked the color, but not in my house. It made the room feel dark and small and it looked awful with the gumwood trim around the windows and fireplace. I didn't want to say anything to Randy who had worked so hard to paint it, but I eventually asked him what he really thought of it. He didn't like it either. YAY! SO, we headed back to Lowe's to get the originally intended yellow. We picked a pretty shade called English Tea Party, or something like that. However, the walls weren't even completely painted and I hated it. Randy just shook his head at me...but he finally admitted he thought it looked awful. Well, we ended up just going with a neutral color...the same color we had painted in the dining area. It's pretty...not exactly the "wow" color I wanted, but I like it. (When you see the picture, you'll notice it's not completely finished)Now to wait and see what it looks like with my furniture. Someday we may paint that gumwood (YIKES!...It's beautiful) white, and I'll then get my yellow living room.

My next post will be about the kitchen. Our new cabinets are finally finished and were delivered yesterday! Yippee!!

Until then....

Isn't this awful??!
Much better! OH-and did you notice the green carpet is gone??

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