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Happy Birthday, Mr. Miles!

This post will not be nearly as nicely expressed as the one here, but.....I can't believe it's been one year ago today that little Miles Hunter Dutton graced us with his presence! He has definitely turned out to be one of the greater joys in life (of course we knew he would!), and I can't imagine life without him. It's amazing what a little guy with big, blue eyes and a crazy cute smile can do to your heart! I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with my sweet nephew. When I first started babysitting him a couple of days a week, my thoughts were that I wasn't sure I could keep it up. It was definitely a challenge (and great training for motherhood!). But now, it just seems natural and I look forward to the days he arrives. We spend the mornings at work with Aunt Linda (he doesn't know anyone else when she's in the room!!). He's quite the pro at drinking coffee (decaf, of course) and loves the typewriter (yes, we still use one of those). In the afternoon, we just hang out and have fun. Even Uncle Randy is smitten with him! To say the least, he has certainly stolen my heart! Happy 1st Birthday, Miles! Aunt Kassie loves you THHHHIIIIIISSSSSS much!

Last Saturday, Miles had a Dr. Seuss themed birthday party. Here's a few pics.

The Birthday Boy!

Guests were invited to sign a Dr Seuss birthday storybook.

Green Eggs and Ham!

Cat in the Hat cake!

I made this birthday banner out of chipboard. I painted it and glittered and painted the letters. I didn't have a wider angle lens to get the whole thing up close. It was fun to make....maybe I'll do some more!

Slideshow of Miles.

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