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A Little Bit of Inspiration

I've always loved things that are pretty....who doesn't? I like to call it eye candy. I've decided to post often here, the pictures of things I find pretty...the things that are sweet to my eyes. I've gotten the "itch" lately to get back into my crafting, and soon, Randy and I will have a cute old house/cottage to flip (there'll be more on that later). No matter the talent, hobby or job, sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. So I am sharing here a glimpse of the things/places/people that inspire me. If you come back often, you'll probably catch the drift that I love anything vintage, or anything vintage inspired. Enjoy...and get inspired to get back to an old hobby or try something new!


All of the items or prints in the collage can be found on Etsy.
Bird Tags - SeasonalDelights
"YAY" Print - TheLightFantastic
Coffee Mug - Corduroy
Chandelier Wall Transfer - DecorDesigns
Needle and Buttons Print - DearMachine
LOVE Doily Print - Awakes
Vintage Chairs with Shoe Print - TheLightFantastic
Typewriter Print -YvetteInufio
Macaroons Print - DearMachine


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