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Our First Christmas!

I know this is more than a LITTLE late, but I've wanted to post these pictures for a few weeks now, and it seems like everytime I sat down to do it, something else got in the way. I was so excited this year to have my own little cottage to decorate and my wonderful husband to spend the holidays with. I was also grateful that he thinks decorating and lights and all that good stuff is important, too! He was a big help and didn't think twice about putting lights on the house and wrapping the trees. In our neighborhood, it seems like EVERYONE wraps their trees, so I didn't want to be left out! :) Christmas was great, as always. Randy and I got together with his family on Dec. 23rd. We started a new tradition this year where the whole family gets together on this date and his mom makes fried chicken and all the trimmings. It was so good! We had a lot of fun playing Hedbanz and just being silly. On Christmas Eve, my sister hosted our family's annual Christmas-Eve-get-together. We had creamy tacos and lots of sweets. Then, on Christmas Day, Randy and I had our Christmas morning together, then went to my parents for the day. I think there was around 35 people packed in their house! We ate til we were stuffed and played Pictionary til we thought it would never end....

Our little house that's incredibly too small, but in my dream neighborhood since I was a little girl. It's really cute, but we're just leasing until we find what we want to buy a little later. There's certainly no room for a child(ren) here! :)

Cute little Santa.

I got in a crafty mood and wrapped every present with bows and stickers that spelled the recipients name.

Randy got me a sewing machine...something I've wanted for a little while (and NO, I can't sew, but I intend to learn!). Here I am feining surprise....

Randy even did the whole crafty gift-wrap thing just for me! I think he did a pretty good job at it!

At Lori's house (my sister). Nice cheesy-ness going on... :)

Lori's fireplace with all the sock monkey's.

Dinner at my parents on Christmas Day.

You can't imagine how many pictures Priscilla and I have like this! We LOVE us some good dessert!

My aunt Peggy Jean and Mr Miles. This was his first Christmas, too, and he slept through the WHOLE un-wrapping gifts thing! I am so mad that I looked through my pics and this is ALL I got of him on Christmas Day!! Unbelievable!!

At Randy's parents....

At Randy's parents being silly.

Me and my sweets!

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