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New Camera!

I was very disheartened last week when my nice camera that I use for Kaspri Photography went kaput! Even more so when I called around town and only one place said they could fix it, but they are in the process of moving right now and couldn't get to it. We have scheduled photo shoots, so that wasn't going to do. SO, I got online and started reading reviews about cameras and found that the one I wanted was on sale! YAY for me! Since I bought the camera, I've been taking random pics, trying to get used to it. Here are some I thought I'd share. Nothing like pics of my two favorite guys! Happy Friday!

Here's Randy, right after I got it. He didn't feel well, so he was trying to rest in the midst of all my camera stuff. And there's Carla Blanchard's camera that she offered to let me borrow when she heard my camera quit on me. She is the SWEETEST!! (I may be buying that one now from her, so I don't get stuck without one again.)

Fixing his hair...Ha!

We went to the park on my birthday last Saturday...it was an absolutely GORGEOUS day! Isn't he handsome???! :)

And now for the Mile-ster! I babysit him several days out of the month and he's the perfect subject for my camera! He's such a sweetie. I love him to pieces!!

Check out that drool!

And one last random picture of pumpkins on our front porch. Love that I have a house to decorate now!!


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