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When You're Having Fun....

.....Time definitely flies (and my blog suffers).

It's been crazy busy in my life the last month. To update, YES, Miles did arrive on March 29th at 1:33am. He was 8lbs 15oz and was 22 inches long! I was so pumped about getting to be in the delivery room to take pictures. I was behind a curtain for the delivery, but was allowed to take pics as soon as the baby was a little presentable. It was such a beautiful, wonderful experience, and Miles is just perfect!

Next, I was busy preparing last minute details for Life Tabernacle's annual spring concert. It's always a stressful time, but in the end is always so rewarding. The choir was awesome and I was so proud of each of them. They work so hard and endure my cat claws that come out (hopefully they weren't too sharp this year!). The theme was "I Need You", after a song Tye Tribbett does. If you haven't heard the song, go find it and listen! It's incredible! I believe many lives were touched in a big, big way that night.

We've had several things going this week....our annual Ladies' Tea at the church, which my best friend, Priscilla Venegas heads up. She does a great job as the church Ladies' Director. My awesome pastor's wife, Karla Holley, spoke about finding the little things in life that make one happy and unique. I was so glad my friend, Victoria Campbell got to come with me as my special guest. THEN, last night was one of our nights to prepare food and have a service with singing and motivational speaking at our local mission. That is always a rewarding experience. I love how appreciative all of the people who stay at the mission are to the people in our church.

SO, amongst all of this, I have one more event that has really caused me to be extremely busy and has really changed my life....I GOT ENGAGED this week!!! YAY!!! Randy is the most incredible, loving man, that God put on the earth. He treats me like a princess and I am so thankful to have him! We started talking about marriage a couple of months ago, and about a month ago began shopping for a ring. He wanted me to pick several that I liked and he would make the final decision and surprise me (I was adamant about being surprised). SO, the second ring I tried on (at Dove's Jewelers in Wichita Falls) was the one I wanted. It was PERFECT, (and Bobby and Kay Dove are extremely nice people)! However, he made me keep shopping for a month! This past Monday night, we had planned to go to dinner in Dallas and then go to a Tony Bennett concert at the Dallas Symphony Hall. Dallas is 2 hours from the ciy we live in, so he wanted to leave early and "shop" some more for rings. So, we did. We went to 3 or 4 different jewelry stores and I still kept bringing up that special one I really wanted. He would play it off and say "Now, what did that one look like??"...and so on. He did really well in covering. We got all dressed up at his aunt's house and went to dinner at "The Place At Perry's" in downtown Dallas. WONDERFUL FOOD!!!!!! Then, we headed for the concert. For this next part, you have to understand, I was totally excited about the Tony Bennett concert. He is an icon...one of the only ones left from the era he comes from. I LOVE jazz and listen to that type of music constantly. Tony Bennett sings my all-time favorite song: "Just the Way You Look Tonight". I love his version because it's slow and beautiful. Most singers do it a little upbeat. We got to the concert, and sat about 60 feet from Tony in a balcony that was eye level from the stage. It was AMAZING!!! Anyway, in the middle of the concert, Tony started singing my song. It was BEAUTIFUL. I turned to tell Randy..."OH, this is my favorite"...and when I turned, he was getting down on his knee in the floor! He held out a rose with the ring sitting on top of it and asked me to marry him!! It was SO romantic! I said "yes", of course and cried through the next 3 songs!! He then told me my pastor and his wife (who I've known all my life and are great friends), and my best friend, Priscilla, were up in the balcony taking pictures. It was a better proposal than I could have dreamed up. He even made all the ladies sitting around us cry. :) OH, and the ring was that "special" ring. He'd bought it the day I first tried it on and only made me "shop" so I could be surprised!!

I know this has been a long post, but I had so many good things to share! I'm so blessed to have Randy in my life. I love you, Randy! :)

P.S. Randy even sent a hand-written letter to Tony Bennett with a picture of us, telling our story. He asked him to sing my favorite song and if he could, to mention my name. Tony didn't do this, but we know the letter went to "his people" and not directly to Tony. We are hoping maybe he'll get the letter eventually and maybe respond...??? That would be wonderful!

Randy and I after the concert.

The RING!!

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