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HURRY UP, Miles!

Not much new going on in my world today....still impatiently awaiting the arrival of Miles Hunter Dutton (my brother and sis-in-law's baby). He is expected any day now, and one look at his mom, Kim, and you'd know that for sure! I'm a brat and like to call her names like "Big Momma" and I remind her constantly that she has a big bump on her belly and she should probably get that checked out....Yeah, yeah...not funny. :p But seriously, the showers have been given, the nursery is ready, everything is (kind of) in order, so he can feel free to show up anytime now.....I'm leaving town next Thursday and I just KNOW that's when baby is going to decide to make his grand appearance. Leave it to a DUTTON to be contrary and ornery. Anyway, HURRY UP, Miles! Aunt Kassie is waiting.....

I know this isn't the photography blog, but OH WELL. Here's some pics from a recent shoot Kaspri did with Lynn & Kim.

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