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Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Today, my oldest niece, Jessica Lauren Parker, is turning 19! I can't believe she is this old...seems like yesterday I was sitting in my 8th grade math class, impatiently waiting for the bell to ring so I could leave and head to the hospital to see her for the first time!

I was cleaning out some drawers last week and ran across something she did that I think is cute and thought I'd share here. For those who don't know (AHEM, although I've mentioned her here before!), I have an aunt (Aunt Linda), who is Jessica's great aunt. Aunt Linda is also my boss....the BEST BOSS IN THE WORLD! :) Have I ever mentioned I have the best job EVER??? Anyway, Aunt Linda has no children of her own, and has always spoiled us all rotten. SO, when we were young, we all spent many, many nights at Uncle Don's and Aunt Linda's house. What I'm going to share here is a "sleepover list" Jessica made one time when she was getting ready to go to Aunt Linda's house. My favorite things on the list are "don't spend money on dum stuff. Linda will buy you something." HA! Anyone who knows Linda, knows that that is the TRUTH! Also, the line..."call folks and see how they are doing". What 9 year old refers to their parents as "folks" these days??

Here's a picture I took just this week of Jessica and Linda. Sorry, it's a little blurry. :)

I'm so proud of Jessica. This picture is one I took last year just before her high school graduation. She is now almost through her first year of college.

One more! I snapped this picture of Jessica last summer. For some reason, I love it. I love how she was unaware and she's just sitting there in thought. Love you, Jessica! Happy Birthday!

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