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Happy Veteran's Day!

I believe we should honor those who have served (and are currently serving) the grand ole' USA, particularly in a time where personally, I think they are not honored as much as they used to be (by ordinary citizens AND those in leadership over the nation). I like to remember the time when the president was proud to wear a flag on his lapel and would have proudly presented proof of citizenship if the question arose. A time when the first lady wasn't proud to be an American only after she became famous and was in the running to be the first lady. I can guarantee you, the ones who are proud to be Americans are those who risked their lives, those who've been injured, those who live with the horrible memories and sickenesses and disease caused from war. THEY are the ones who know what a privelege and honor it is to live in a country where we are free. And they can rest in the fact that THEY are the ones who bought the freedom. Thank you to all who serve and have served in the past. Thank you to those who have died. And thank you to my own hero, my Dad, Larry, who served in Vietnam. I like to look at the case displayed in his house that proudly holds the American flag and is lined with medals. He even has a Purple Heart. He was sent home after a serious injury from stepping on a landmine. He has lived with the effects of that injury, the effects of horrible memories, the effects of Agent Orange and the list could go on and on. The world needs more people like him....He will proudly wear the flag, stand for the National Anthem and tear up when he hears "God Bless the USA". And he would proudly hand over proof of citenzship because he wouldn't want to be from anywhere else in this world! Daddy, you are the best.

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